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Scuba Diving – The ultimate under water marine adventure! – Golden Island Tours – Sri Lanka
Scuba Diving
26 Dec

Scuba Diving – The ultimate under water marine adventure!

Beautiful Sri Lanka is also referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This title is not because of the geographical location but instead of the amazing terrestrial and aquatic environment. You will never ever get the chance to experience these marvelous wonders on land and also, the fascinating corals, colorful fish, and the adventurous wrecks. The best way to experience these underwater wonders of Sri Lanka is Scuba diving. You will never get the chance to compare the scuba diving experience in Sri Lanka to any other diving experiences as Sri Lanka is the paradise for all scuba diving lovers. So, hurry up, get ready to come here and enjoy the marine beauty. Plus, let us have an exciting scuba diving holiday.
But first of all, let us introduce to you what scuba diving is.

Scuba Diving

What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a method of diving where divers used to carry an apparatus which is called scuba that helps them to breathe underwater. Actually; scuba is an abbreviation for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus which simply means the equipment that helps you in breathing underwater.
Scuba diving is the most famous and attractive underwater sport. People used to involve in Scuba diving as this gives you an opportunity to witness the beauty and the wonders of the marine kingdom by yourself without any photographs or other sorts of media devices.

The first rule in diving is safety. Your safety is very important than anything else. Plus, there is another main important fact which says “Never to go too deep too quickly and never to return to the surface too quickly”. This fact is very much important to secure your safety and to stop violating the first laws of diving.

Best spots in Sri Lanka for scuba diving

We are all lucky enough to go on a swim in the blue sea. But have you ever gone deeper to have a glance of the world existing underwater? Some can say yes, but some cannot. But if you dream to observe the marine world, this is the best time to start. Do not be afraid, if not you are unable to witness the marine world which is so different from land.

Sri Lanka is the best island in the whole wide world for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can have scuba visits in many beautiful, valuable and adventurous sites. You can witness the amazing, colorful corals and also, ancient wrecks around this island. So, let’s check out the best scuba diving destinations in Sri Lanka.

Scuba diving spots for Coral reefs

Sri Lanka is the best place to have a scuba dive as the Sri Lankan sea is flourished with many varieties of corals which are really colorful and also, with rare marine species. Here are some of the best places to dive if you are really interested in corals.

Scuba Diving

01. Bulldog reef in Kalpitiya

This is the large reef sanctuary in the Sri Lankan sea. This is the homeland for about 156 coral species and 23 fish species.

02. Gorgonian gardens in Colombo

The sea bed is composed of a large number of gorgons. Other than gorgons this reef is very much popular for tigerfish.

03. Great basses

This is present in the southeastern coast of the island. Near this reef, you are able to explore some wrecks, caves, and tombs too. This place is very much popular for pompanos, eagle rays, Portuguese discs, big-headed travails, and white pointed sharks.

Best wrecks to explore

You cannot compare the experience in exploring wrecks to something else. That is because they are very much extraordinary and mysterious to see. Let us tell you the best wreck destinations to explore.

01. Taprobane north wreck or Perseus in Colombo

This giant British ship was built during the First World War and sank on the 21st of February 1917 after hitting by a German mine. This is covered with soft and black corals and also, with many varieties of fish species.

02. Taprobane east wreck in Colombo

This wreck is 30 meters deep in marine water. Therefore, only professionals or divers with PADI water diving certificates are approved. But still, you are not allowed to explore the interior of the ship, you can only enjoy the outer appearance including a vast amount of fish types.

03. Thermopylae sierra in Colombo

You can explore two different worlds by visiting this ship as one part of the ship is underwater and the other part is on the surface. This wreck is really suitable for scuba beginners.

04. SS Rangoon in Galle

This is built in Sunderland, England in 1860 and sank in 1873. This boat lies on the beach for more than a hundred years. This is a steamed powered boat that is about 66 meters long. This wreck is at about 32 meters deep.

05. MV Cordiality in Trincomalee

Even though this ship sank not long ago, many fish species made this wreck as their homeland. This wreck is open for all diver levels and this gigantic ship is very much famous for its beautiful owners. MV Cordiality sank in 1997.

06. British sergeant in Pasikudah

This is one of the most popular scuba diving sites in Asia. This long steamer is 122 meters long and sank in 1942 by a Japanese mine. This lies at a depth about 24 meters and also, the homeland for many varieties of wonderful marine creatures.

07. HMS Hermes in Batticoloa

This boat was created in the period of the second world war and also, this is the first aircraft carrier of the royal navy. HMS Hermes was sunk by the Japanese aviation force in 1942. Now, this wreck is the homeland for many different marine species and this lies between 44 – 55 meters deep in the sea.

What is the best season for Scuba Diving?

Sri Lanka is a tropical climatic island and the climatic effects changes from dry to monsoon periods. May to September is the best time to go on a dive in the Eastern part of the ocean. December to March is the best time to have a dive in Southern and Western parts of the ocean. Therefore, come in the best time to have an excellent scuba diving vacation.

Scuba Diving

Best scuba diving packages at Golden Island Tours

Sri Lankan scuba diving packages will definitely guarantee you a special and perfect holiday with all sorts of fun and safety. Some of the diving packages are as follows.

  • Discover scuba diving [for beginners] –  70 USD per person

If any beginner seeks to go ahead with the trial diving session, they can try out shallow water under 5m depth in the sea. If they are willing to continue, of course, they can go ahead to open water.

  • Fun diving – 40 USD per person per diving session

Those who seek for fun diving should have the PADI License. We offer a double diving session for 70 USD per person.

We accept both US Dollars as well as Sri Lankan Rupees.

Only the like and love towards water does not enough, you need to go through it and need to dive into it. So, stop just admiring the outer appearance and go deep down into the ocean to explore the amazing underwater world!

Dilshan Chandrasekara