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Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka at a glance-A must visit paradise! – Golden Island Tours – Sri Lanka
Places in Sri Lanka
26 Dec

Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka at a glance-A must visit paradise!

As you all know; Sri Lanka is such a paradise-like island that is full of a large number of amazing travel destinations. Yes, there are numerous beautiful places in Sri Lanka that cannot be visited throughout a single vacation. Of course, you have to visit this country a few more times in your lifetime, if you really want to discover each and every tourist attraction here.

Colombo is the never missed beautiful places in Sri Lanka

Places in Sri Lanka

We all know that the Colombo City is the most striking place to visit and spend your holidays here, as this is the place where all the excitement, sounds and music happens. That vibe, that excitement is all here, in the heart of Colombo whether it is the gay sound of music or the shopping that you are after, Colombo has it all. The many places of attractions that you can get to witness with some of the old buildings of colonial and Dutch period mixed with the more modern-day styles of today, it all blends so delightfully among the friendly streets of Pettah, Fort, Chatham, and York Streets, when you feel that you are being transported to the earlier times of grandeur. So make Sri Lanka your next holiday tour for the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

Then there are also the most gorgeous beaches on the island, tons of fascinating things that you can do. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, white water rafting, deep-sea diving and mingling among the colorful fish and the kaleidoscope of lovely coral which will overwhelm and mesmerize your eyes, or even join in with the local fishermen in Negombo for a spot of fishing on stilts, or yet accept the challenge of climbing a coconut tree, bare-legged, or just rent out a bike, and go see the island on your own, exploring sites that you will enjoy seeing on your own, this wonderful city and suburbs of light and laughter, and warmth that only is Sri Lankan!

Transport is a delight and a headache when you visit beautiful places in Sri Lanka especially Colombo!

As you meander your way among the crazy congested roads of Colombo, as you take your first ride on a tuk-tuk being jolted up and down, squealing and giggling at this roller coaster and bone-cracking trip. We assure you are going to enjoy this ride, which is the easiest to maneuver on these crazy roads, be aware you will be brought to safety in the greatest ride of all the tuk-tuk of Sri Lanka!

If you want to opt-out of the tuk-tuk, there are our local transport services of the bus and train. The buses we are afraid will be overcrowded but still, get you to your destination. The train ride will be the best if you are planning on traveling down south or to the hilly country, or to cooler climes like Nuwara Eliya, Haputale or Badulla. This is where you get the added bonus of traveling in a train and getting the chance of seeing the amazing views of the beautiful countryside with its lush greenery, and scenic views of waterfalls, mountains and rivers, tea estates and cascading waterfalls, something that you won’t easily see when traveling in a crowded bus.

All this and more, or ride in a private vehicle in style as you are chauffeur driven to the holiday destination of your choice.

If you are interested in seeing history then the sacred sites of worship in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura should be of interest and on your itinerary. This is where all the shrines, palaces, and remaining relics can be found of a long-ago city of Kings and Queens, and also mainly a religious site where all the temples and its architectural structures can be seen of a bygone era. Many tourists and locals visit these places of worship as it is a holy and heritage site of Sri Lanka.

The Dambulla Cave Temple- One of the must-visit best places in Sri Lanka

The Dambulla Cave Temple is also a world heritage location. The temple is built inside of a massive rock formation. The inside is filled with Buddha statues and his disciples while the rock walls and ceiling of the rock are filled with artwork of murals depicting the life and times of Lord Buddha. It is an extraordinary work that could be even compared to a Michelangelo work of art, the murals are that beautiful. Seeing believes, in this fascinating place of art, sculpture and rock carvings with beautiful murals of flowers, etc.

Places in Sri Lanka

Beautiful Ella Rock and its surrounding spots

This is a little picturesque place or town situated in the Badulla district. With surrounding mountains, and lush greenery, and with somewhat cool weather, just about right for rock and mountain climbing and viewing the rest of the attractions in and around Ella town. Take a train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella when you can get a super scenic view of the Ella hills and mountains and Ella rock and its beautiful surroundings, as well as see the fascinating Nine Arches Bridge as you travel by train.

Nine Arches Bridge

Explore the Nine Arches Bridge and walk on the railway lines as you explore its surroundings. Keep an eye for the train that passes on the Nine Arch Bridge, as it chugs its way along the winding nine arches bridge… As you get to walk along its quaint railway and its pleasing little railway station.
Other places of interest are the Little Adam’s peak and the Ella Rock. The Ella Rock is a two-hour walk up, and once up there, you will be glad that you made it through boulder and rocks, as you are rewarded up its summit with beautiful views. It will be worth the climb, the swirling mists, and the cool weather. Take a guide or known person when going up the Ella Rock, as they can guide you better without you getting lost. It is a much harder climb than climbing the little Adams Peak.

Places in Sri Lanka

Lipton Seat

Walkthrough the tea estate of the Lipton Seat where the first tea bush or plant was planted by Sir Lipton, and here began the first cuppa of the Ceylon brew called Lipton tea.

The Magnificent Ravana Falls

From the Ella, you can visit the mighty Ravana Falls which is about 10 minutes away from Ella. This is a beautiful waterfall. Many tourists and locals make it to this point of beauty. This waterfall is named after the legendary story of Ravana and how he hid Site in one of these rocks which is of the same name as the waterfall.

There are a million and one things to do and see when on vacation in this beautiful place in Sri Lanka. These are just a few selected gems from which you can select for your holiday of a lifetime. A much longer stay will enable you to see and witness more of this amazing island in the sun.

Places in Sri Lanka

What else can you do when you are in Sri Lanka?

You want to watch birds, we have it here in plenty in so many areas of the country wildlife sites are galore. Nature surrounds us all around if you just stop and look. The beautiful and wonderful botanical gardens with rare fauna and flora, the Sinharaja rain forests, with its many rare species of birds and other insects, plants and greenery, the hill country Udawatte Kelle forest Reserve, all this and more which are a paradise of everything rare and endemic all found in this tropical country. Whether it is wild animals, elephants, deer, sambur, sloth bear, leopards, rare snakes, insects, and a multitude of birds all natures’ delights are found here, if you a lover nature, then you can select the many places of tour that will take you to watch these species whether it is mammals of the sea, like blue whales, and sperm whales’ or dolphins.

Witness the lush green vegetarian plots in hilly Kandy and Nuwara Eliya as they grown in the cooler climes and thrive in rainy and lush plains of Kandy.’ Sri Lanka Nature’.

Life Tours in Sri Lanka Wild

Many wildlife tours in Sri Lanka are available to give you that feeling of the excitement of adventure through wild forests and reserves where only the mighty beasts live, among the popular places are the Yala National Park, Kumana, Wilpattu, and Minneriya National Parks.

You can book a day tour or book yourself an exciting night safari tour of the wildlife National Parks. Moreover; you can book many of the cabins or lodges that are freely available in these wildlife sanctuaries and be with nature and the creatures of the forest. Enjoy the nightlife of the wilds as they come out for a cool drink of water from the many pools of water and lagoons, or may become out for a night of hunting with their prey.

Be fascinated at what you may get to see from your cool lodge or tree house, maybe a deer or two, some wild rabbits, poking their heads out cautiously against the enemy, a leopard or two, wild elephants as they come to drink at the water hole. All this and more you will be able to see if you take on a night of wild safari tours.

Enjoy the food and beverages served at these lodges, while you relax in a tub of whirling warm water as you wait for the rare creatures to put in an appearance at your doorstep. It is advisable if you can book your holiday tour during the peak animal season when you will be able to see many of these creatures in herds and packs come out at night.

Places in Sri Lanka

More about Life Tours in Sri Lanka…

Be it a herd of elephants you want to see on your wild safari or whale watching in the mighty coastal seas it will be a pretty exciting excursion for you and your family. Get to see local and migrating birds, colorful tropical birds in the rain forests and other bird sanctuaries to be found on this island including the rare plants and flora. You can choose from the many wild safari tours that are suitable for you. Have no fears as there are many hotels, lodges, and cabins for you to stay as well as tents for hire for a night or two of exciting and amazing camping among the wild creatures and under inky blue skies of Sri Lanka.

Get to meet some of the Veddah community people also called the indigenous people and their ways of life in the forests.

Among the most popular wildlife parks are:

  • Yala National Park
  • Udawalawe National Park
  • Wilpattu National Park
  • Wasgamuwa National Park
  • Minneriya National Park
  • Bundala National Park
  • Kumana National Park and forest reserve
  • Gal Oya Sanctuaries famous for birds
  • Horton Plains for lots of wildlife and rare species of birds and other creatures
  • Lunugamvehera for birds
  • The Sinharaja forest for birds, beasts, and plants
  • Knuckles Mountain Range
    And the Kitulgala Forest Reserve and many more for watching all things small and beautiful and nature at it’s very best
Dilshan Chandrasekara