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Whale Watching in Sri Lanka-Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself – Golden Island Tours – Sri Lanka
7 Dec

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka-Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself

Whale watching has become a trendy pastime in Sri Lanka, among our locals and foreign tourists. There is lots of the whale population to be seen here in Mirissa, Trincomalee and Kalpitiya areas where you can get to see many a species if you happen to visit during the peak season. Species like blue whales, Bryde’s whales, sperm whales, orca[killer whale], dolphins, and other swims to their hearts delight in the waters of the De Silva’s point, the south coast, Trincomalee, and Kalpitiya mainly.

Why Golden Island Tours for whale watching in Sri Lanka?

We, Golden Island Tours provide our tremendous service in whale watching.

Actually; whale watching is a definite experience that you have to take at least once in your lifetime. Sri Lanka is a very interesting country and it definitely offers you the best places in the world to be watching whales. And we are a company that specializes in whale watching in the beautiful oceans that surrounds the island. At the moment we conduct whale watching in three beautiful destinations.

One of the East coast (Trincomalee), One on the Western coast (Kalpitiya) and the other one is on the Southern coast (De Silva’s Point).

  1. Trincomalee:

Trincomalee is the most famous destination in the country to go whale watching. It is crowded with visitors from all over the world, and you will definitely be able to find a lot of tour boats in the area as well. For Trincomalee, the best time period that you can watch whales is on the 10th of March to the 15th of May.

  1. Kalpitiya:

Have you ever wondered if a place to go whale watching that is not very busy or crowded but definitely filled with whales? Take a tour in our whale watching on the western coast.

You can watch whales within the time duration from 01st of March to the 30th of April.

Kalpitiya is the best place to get it done!

Moreover, Kalpitiya is a destination that is popular among whales but not among people.

So, you get what we say? Yes!

It is indeed the best place to go whale watching!

The beach is very calm and quiet; there are not many people in the area.

Not too many boats to disturb or scare away!

3. De Silva’s Point in the south coast

Want to catch a glimpse of the blue whales?

No other areas in the country have shown blue whale sightings than the De Silva’s Point in the southern coast. De Silva’s Point is definitely the best place because it provides you the most amazing environment to watch whales in. We promise that you will get to see blue whales and large flocks of dolphins, and also some other species if you are lucky enough.

Keep in mind that this opportunity comes only with Golden Island Tours only.

You can watch whales within the time duration from 01st of November to the 30th of December.

More about whales…

Whales are the largest mammals ever to be seen in these coastal waters. Trincomalee, south coast and Kalpitiya are the most popular coastal areas to watch for whales and can be full during the season where lots of people gather during this time of year to the south coast for their boating sightseeing tours to watch these magnificent creatures via whale watching in Sri Lanka.

Whale watching in Sri Lanka

Image Courtesy: Cheran De Siva photography

Whale watching in Trincomalee-Whale watching in Sri Lanka

While the Trincomalee beaches lure you to their beautiful sparkling sea waters. There is also the bonus of ‘whale watching in Trincomalee where you can expect to find lots of whales and a rare blue whale or two along with the delightful dolphins if you visit at the correct time during the year. Book your tour early to avoid overcrowded tourists, all clamoring for the best possible viewing seat to watch these creatures of the ocean.

You can expect to be served with drinks and snacks on some of this site seeing tour boats if you join in any one of these tours. Some places will even pick and drop you at your destination or hotel.

Many experienced and professional guides will take care of all your needs, especially your safety. They will guide their boats not too close to endangering the mammals, but also enabling you to be at a vantage point to view them and give you that best spot and shot to take back home while at the same time providing space and freedom to these magnificent creatures of the sea

Kalpitiya Whale watching

There is another very famous and popular point for watching whales and sperm whales. This magical spot will sometimes bring in a whole heap of whales, including orca or the killer whales, which can also be spotted on rare occasions.

The sperm whale can also be seen at a specific spot, which only the boat operators and tour guides will know, so you have to ask them as regards the killer whales[ orca] and sperm whales. Boats will take you to this point to witness this unique and rare sight. The sperm whale is the most massive creature to be seen in the seas off Kalpitiya. These gigantic creatures should be seen, and the best moments are from the 01st of March to the 30th of December.

These boating and sighting tours of these mammals will go on for about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the season. You will get to tour on good luxury tour boats that have all the safety equipment and gear and protection for you. Drinks and snacks will also be served on some of these boats ‘Kalpitiya whale watching’.

Whale watching in Sri Lanka

Whale watching in Mirissa

Minus point regarding Mirissa whale watching site- You are only allowed to take photographs while staying in the boat.

Another top place to visit and get sightings of the whale is at Mirissa, which tour will start at 7.00 a.m. and go on for about 4 hours or so. You can expect to see many species of these creatures, and if you are lucky, maybe a blue whale or two all depends on the months that you visit, off-peak will be just dolphins while peak season will offer you a multitude of delightful sightings.

A boat will typically have a seating area for about 70 or so passengers all depends on the size of the ship. Be mindful and book your tour early to avoid disappointment. Water, tea, or coffee and snacks will be served in the morning. While taking all the precautionary methods, one takes for your safety all by trusted and certified officers with all safety gear aboard for each passenger.

You can also request a private tour on any boat that does private trips. You will have all the privacy and enjoyment and peace of watching these mammals at your own pace without having to deal with crowds. This is where you will get all the creatures to watch to your hearts’ delight when you go on one of these individual private tours – ‘Whale watching in Mirisssa’.

Where to see blue whales?

Blue whales can be spotted on the south coast and Trincomalee from November to April. Book early and stay at the many hotels and guest houses dotted among the hills and beaches surrounding the south coast and Trincomalee. Once you stay at one of these guest houses or hotels, you can even book via your hotel an excellent whale watching tour. The hotel staff will always be at your services and every need ‘Where to see blue whales’.

Whale watching season in Sri Lanka

Whale watching


The whale watching season is usually from November to April when you can expect to see them in hordes during this time on the South coast. If you happen to be in Trincomalee, the season will be from March to October. November to April will be the peak season when you can easily spot them dance across the ocean in mighty splashes as they cruise around the island in the south coast, Trincomalee, and Kalpitiya. This is the time these creatures migrate from the south coast around the island whale watching in season In Sri Lanka.

Dilshan Chandrasekara