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bird watching trips
25 Nov


Bird watching or which is called birding is a method of observing and learning wildlife which mainly focused on birds. This is some kind of recreational activity. You can do bird watching using your naked eye or using instruments and devices like binoculars, telescopes, etc. People also used the music or the sound produced by the birds to identify them. You have a bird watching. Having bird-watching trips make you feel amazed, and also, nature makes you feel relief, remove out your stress.

When it comes to bird watching, there are three aspects of people involved in this process.

  • Birder – This is an individual who seriously pursues the hobby of birding. They can be professionals or amateurs.
  • Birding – This is a hobby that individuals enjoy the challenge of bird studying, listing or activities related to birds.
  • Bird watcher – A person who observes birds as the hobby.

bird watching trips

How is Bird watching in Sri Lanka?-Bird watching trips

Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean, 10 degrees north of the equator, boasting of diverse and favorable climatic conditions and natural habitats such as forests, grasslands, scrublands, wetlands, seas, and agricultural lands. Also, this island filled with the cultural values and the spirit of authentic traditions of civilized humans.

Sri Lanka is one of the most fabulous places in the world to watch birds and is truly a paradise of all bird watchers. The tropical climate and exotic landscape of the paradise isle of Sri Lanka make it real heaven for bird lovers who arrive from all over the world.

Mother Sri Lanka is home for more than 439 bird species with around 236 breeding residents, 33 endemics, 68 endemic subspecies and 203 seasonal migratory birds both terrestrial and aquatic arriving from India, Siberia, Scandinavia, and Western Europe.

Curious to know the best places to go on Bird watching trips in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is the paradise for all kinds of birds and bird lovers. You do not have to worry about visiting only one place because all most all of the island is the heritage of a bird. You can visit a lot of places so come to visit the bird sanctuary at national parks and nature reserves in Sri Lanka. And also, experience the best bird watching holiday in the whole full world.

01. Sinharaja rain forest

02. Horton Plains National park

03. Kitulgala forest reserve

04. RAMSAR sites of Mannar

05. Bundala national park

06. Kumana national park

07. Yala national park

08. Wilpatuwa national park

09. Uda walawe national park

10. Sigiriya sanctuary

11. Wagamuwa national park

12. Minneriya national park

13. Kalametiya bird sanctuary

14. Bodinagala forest reserve

15. Peak wilderness sanctuary

bird watching trips

Seasons are there: Best time to travel and arrange bird watching trips in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for bird lovers and bird watchers. You can witness more than 439 bird species, including resident and migratory. If you are interested in Sri Lankan endemic species, you can see them from around September or October and until July.

But if you are only interested in observing migratory species come around September – October and stay until April then you can witness the spectacular Indian Pitta, Pied Thrush, Orange-headed Thrush and many more.

Endemic bird species in Sri Lanka

Uniqueness is what makes the island of Sri Lanka a special place. This is proven by the natural beauty and the glorious portrayed in the kingdom of birds as well. Never try to miss all this fun and beauty.

Currently, there are 33 identified endemic bird species in Sri Lanka which are mostly found in the wet zone of the island. Here are some of the endemic bird species found in Sri Lanka.

  • Ceylon Spurfowl – rare ground-dwelling species found in the southern part of the country.
  • Ceylon Jungle fowl – these birds have distributed all climatic zones from the sea level up to the highest hills.
  • Woodpigeon-Ceylon Woodpigeon – these birds tend to spend much time in the canopy and nest, but they never hesitate to walk down to the ground to feed their hunger.
  • Ceylon Green pigeon – this is an arboreal pigeon life in small flocks and occurring in the low country.
  • Ceylon hanging parrot – this is a green bird with a short tail, usually lives single or as pairs. And sometimes they stay as a small group, but still, this is very rare.
  • Red-faced malkoha – found mostly in undistributed wet zone forests and a few of the tall riparian forests of the drier parts.
  • Green-billed coucal – a rare forest loving bird that inhabits the dense undergrowth of wet zone forests with dwarf bamboo.
  • Serendib scops owl – this bird species in entirely nocturnal and very rare.
  • Ceylon grey hornbill – a locally common bird in all low country forests, well-wooded areas, and gardens.
  • Ceylon small barbet – a little bird with bright green upperparts, unstreamed green belly flanks, bluish head with orange, yellow eye-rings.

bird watching trips

Migratory bird species: foreign travelers just like you!

An island with a warm tropical climate, Sri Lanka is a heavenly paradise for birds. You can discover migrant birds in Sri Lanka fleeing the unpleasant and rough Northern winters of Siberia and Western Europe each year.

Routes of Bird migration are very long, and there is a reason to believe that some migrant birds do stop halfway. The season of bird migration begins at the beginning of August and continues until the end of March. There are 103 species of regular migrants, 50 species of rare migrants and more than 50 species of nomadic birds and stragglers.

The opening of the season is the best time to discover migrant birds. They are usually exhausted after a long flight and tend to stay in one place longer. But at the end of the season, they gain a lot of strength and power and move away very quickly and therefore, because they are harder to spot.

Here is a list of some migratory bird species in Sri Lanka.

  • Greater Flamingo
  • Garganey
  • Western Reef Egret
  • Pacific Golden Plover
  • Pin-tailed Snipe
  • Black-tailored Godwit
  • Common Redshank
  • Brown-headed Gull
  • Blue-tailed bee-eater
  • Indian Pitta
  • Grey Francolin
  • Rain Quail

bird watching trips

There is no other thing that you will enjoy the most than observing the natural beauty of birds. It is a medication to mental stress, a medicine to calm one’s self, and an exact method to identify and appreciate Mother Nature. This activity can be completed in an environment where birds migrate during seasons, and we recommend Sri Lanka since it is the place of real birds, unusual ones, throughout the year.

Visit here and discover the authentic feeling of appreciating the natural surroundings.

Dilshan Chandrasekara